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Application Development

K2 is fundamentally a service company, with an expertise in developing custom software applications to meet customers' needs. When it comes down to it, this is the part of our work that we love the most-- a customer has a need, and we get to "write a program" to solve it.

Our application development experience is so varied it is difficult to categorize. However, in general our application development efforts currently fall into one of three categories (with some overlap between each category):

Desktop Applications

Application development where the primary functionality is a compiled application (thick client) that does not use a web-browser as the user interface.

Database Applications

Application development where the primary functionality resides in the design and operation of a custom database.

Internet Applications

Application development that uses the Internet or an Intranet for the transmission of information. Usually this type of development includes using a web-browser (thin client) as the primary user interface. K2 has extensive experience in this type of development, especially where the project also requires database development or integration.